Tackling climate change - for a sustainable and healthy future

Doctoral student Vijendra Ingole organized the “International workshop on climate and health in India” in Pune, India, on Oct. 14-16, 2014.

The workshop was supported by the Graduate School in Population Dynamics and Public Policy, Umeå University. Barbara Schumann, Joacim Rocklöv and Rebekah Lucas contributed besides Vijendra with several lectures. As an outcome of the workshop, an Indian network was initiated with the aim of linking researchers in the field of climate and health across the country.

Link to a newspaper article in the Indian Express: http://epaper.indianexpress.com/c/3698107

The workgroup for Climate Change and Global Health of the Umeå Center for Global Health Research got together on a retreat on 25th and 26th of September 2014 in the Swedish High Coast area. In the focus of the discussions was the work of the doctoral students within the workgroup.

Barbara Schumann, Vijendra Ingole, Sewe Maquins, Thaddaeus Egondi and Yien Ling Hii presented their research at the annual conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology in Seattle, USA, August 24-28 2014.


Jing Helmersson has given a presentation at the Dengue Modelling Workshop during Sept. 3-4, 2014 with the title of “Vectorial capacity of Aedes aegypti: effects of temperature and implications for global dengue epidemic potential”.

During 17-21 of August 2014 Maria Furberg attended the 20th IEA World Congress of Epidemiology with the theme Global Epidemiology in a Changing Environment: The Circumpolar Perspective. It was a large gathering with more than 1000 attendees held at the Dena'ina Center and took place during five sunny days in the beautiful surroundings of Anchorage, Alaska. The program was interesting and offered a broad variety of different topics.
Maria Furberg gave an oral presentation of "Tularemia in Sweden 1984-2012, epidemiologic trends and spatial correlations with ecological factors". The meeting offered good opportunities to meet other colleagues and particularly those engaged within the research field of infectious diseases in the Circumpolar North, Marias main interest. In the picture is Maria together with Qi Chen, PhD student at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden.

Joacim Rocklöv has been invited to a workshop (15.09.2014) in the White House for discussions and modeling tutorials on forecasting dengue epidemics for a US federal initiative on prediction of the next pandemic.


Sandra Pandey Modh will present a paper at the Association of Southeast Asian Studies in the United Kingdom (ASEASUK) 2014 conference in Brighton, 12-14 September, titled Community perceptions of climate, gender, and health among swidden agriculturalists in highland Flores, Indonesia: designing sustainable and locally acceptable adaptation strategies.

On the 16th-20th of June, members of Theme V attended the 1st International SNP Workshop on Biometeorology and Applied Synoptic Climatology in Vindeln Sweden. During this workshop we had a chance to meet and work with a great group of international scientists and received training in weather-health based research methods and application. Thanks to the organizers Dr. David Hondula, Dr. Jennifer Vanos and Dr. Simon Gosling for putting together an excellent workshop.

International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE), Seattle, USA (24-28 August 2014)

Vijendra Ingole will present on the topic “A study on the effect of temperature and rainfall on years of life lost in Vadu.” at the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE).

Conference link: http://depts.washington.edu/uwconf/isee2014/

ASEASUK 28th Annual Conference (12-14 September 2014)

Sandra Modh will present a paper on "Community perceptions of climate, gender, and health among swidden agriculturalist in highland Flores, Indonesia: Designing sustainable and locally acceptable adaptation strategies" at the the ASEASUK 28th Annual Conference (Britain's national association for South-East Asian studies) which will take place at the University of Brighton on 12-14 September 2014.

The Global Climate and Health Alliance, an alliance of health organisations from around the world, has organised a webinar with several international leading experts on climate change and health, scheduled for  Wednesday 9th of April at 21:00 CET/20:00 BST/15:00 EDT and lasting 1 hour.
You are all warmly welcome to follow the webinar and can sign up to watch at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2364783787022790402

For those who cannot watch the webinar the aim is for a recording of the webinar to go up at climateandhealthalliance.org/ipcc afterwards.

Confirmed speakers include:
Professor Alistair Woodward, Coordinating Lead Author for the IPCC Working Group II health chapter, 
Dr. Diarmid Cambell-Lendrum, the World Health Organisation's Climate Change and Health Team Leader, and
Professor Sir Andy Haines, review editor for the IPCC health chapter. Maria Nilsson, researcher at Umeå Centre for Global Health Research is the moderator.

To submit questions in advance, simply email them to info@climateandhealthalliance.org, or you can submit them in real time via twitter (@GCHAlliance, #climateheath).

1st International SNP Workshop on Biometeorology and Applied Synoptic Climatology

16/06 - 20/06/2014, Umeå University

Lunch seminar with authors from the UN climate Panel - IPCC (31/03/2014)

On March 31st a lunch seminar is arranged at Umeå University with authors from the UN climate panel – IPCC, introduced by the Vice Chancellor. On the same day as the UN IPCC assessment report from WG II is released in Japan authors give a presentation in Umeå about impacts on society, ecosystems and human health as a consequence of climate change. The seminar is being held in English and will take place in Auditorium A, Lindellhallen. 12:00 to 13:00. Everyone is welcome but seating is limited and registration is required for a lunch sandwich, at the latest on February 25th. Organizer is Umeå Centre for Global Health Research, Division of Epidemiology and Global Health, Umeå University.

Climate change and health – research methods 2014 Course

This course will cover scientific methods relating to:

Climate change health impacts
Climate change adaptation
Emissions reduction (i.e., mitigation)

Lectures and practical sessions will take place in a full-time course from 2nd-13th June in Umeå. Examination includes homework assignment and oral presentation.
4.5 ETCS credit points awarded on completion
For more information please contact rebekah.lucas@umu.se

International Congress of Biometeorology (ICB):  Cleveland, Ohio, USA on 28 September - 1 October 2014

The ICB is a triennial meeting ofbiometeorologists from around the world, organized by the International Society of Biometeorology (ISB). These professionals work across thevarious interdisciplinary fields that comprise biometeorology. This year's theme is "Adaptation to Climate Risks."


8th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation, Kathmandu, Nepal, 23-30 April 2014

Sandra Modh will present a poster at the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)’s 8th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation in Kathmandu, Nepal, 23-30 April 2014, titled Community Perceptions of Gender, Health, and Climate: designing sustainable locally acceptable adaptation strategies.
Conference link http://www.iied.org/cba8-8th-conference-community-based-adaptation-climate-change
Virtual participation is possible.

Poster available for download as pdf at http://sandramodh.wix.com/dr-sandra-modh#!news/ciso
and http://dr-sandra-modh.webnode.se/

International Symposium  on Climate Change and Health - Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 4.12.2013

Dr. Maria Nilsson, Dr. Åsa Holmner-Rocklöv and  Dr. Nawi Ng will speak at the "International Symposium  on Climate Change and Health - mitigation and adaptation in the health sector with focus on research, policy and action" to be held on Yogyakarta 4th December 2013


4th Asia Pacific Conference On Public Health - Climate Change & Population Health
Nha Trang - Vietnam, 21.-22.11.2013

Dr. Joacim Rocklöv and Prof. Lars Weinehall will be speaking at the 4th Asia pacific conference on public health. This year on the theme climate change and population health. Dr. Rocklöv, Prof. Weinehall, Dr. Sahlen and Dr. Nilsson and Mr. Egondi has in collaboration with the Hanoi Medical School conducted research capacity building workshops that has lead to a set of scientific studies related to the theme of the conference. A subset of these studies will be presented during thursday afternoon the 21th November.

During 25th to 28th of November Dr. Rocklov and Dr. Helmersson will be visiting the Chinese CDC to give talks on dengue and climate change in an international symposia. 

The 5th of December Dr. Rocklöv will be speaking at the annual assembly for the Swedish association of Medical Doctors. The speech will cover the latest knowledge on climate change and human health with northern and southern perspectives.

The 18th of November Dr. Rocklöv, Dr Nilsson and Dr. Holmner-Rocklöv won a Swedish Research Links grant from the Swedish Science Foundation for research networking and capacity building . The ultimate purpose of the project will be to start filling the gap of local evidence of impacts and adaptation to climate change related health threats in collaboration with Hanoi Medical School in Vietnam and Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia.

American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Boston, USA (Nov 2nd-6th 2013)

Rebekah Lucas will give a talk titled 'Health inequities related to occupational health impacts of climate change' and Jennifer Crowe will present 'Climate change and heat exposure to sugarcane harvesters in Costa Rica: Health and productivity outcomes' in the session on 'Politics of public health data: global climate change, public health, and health equity'.

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