Joacim Rocklöv

Theme Leader, Professor, Senior Lecturer

Joacim Rocklöv is a professor in epidemiology at Umeå University. He has a PhD in environmental health, a master in statistics and a bachelor in mathematics. Rocklövs expertize is within statistical and mathematical modelling of disease related to meteorology and climate change. Dr. Rocklöv is leading a group of around 20 people specializing their research in the health risks and resilience to environmental exposures, and climatic change. He has been working with INDEPTH network and helped facilitated the CLIMO study, and is acting chapter scientist to the IPCC fifth assessment report in the second working group. Dr. Rocklöv is active in several externally funded research projects at Umeå University such as Dengue Tools. He is also teaching research methodology for Ph.D. candidates at the medical faculty in Umeå University.




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